over 25 years of specialized clinical practice is reoriented since July, 1st 2019

Dr. M. Moerman,MD, Msc, PhD, started as an ENT/ Head and Neck Surgeon, at the Ghent University, Belgium, for more than 10 years. Afterwards she worked as a ENT/phoniatrician at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands and as ENT/ Head & Neck surgeon in 2 private hospitals in Belgium (Ghent). Always fascinated by teaching, she now is avaliable as teacher and proctor with a focus on swallowing problems (Dysphagia) and voice problems (Dysphonia), regarding diagnostics as well as treatment (both surgical & non - invasive).


NB: A Phoniatrician is an (ENT) Medical Doctor, specialized in Voice, Swallowing, Speech, Language and Hearing.